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I really hope this page will show you some new methods to promote your SFI business and help you develop even more ideas to promote and build your business.

Also don’t forget to checkout the Marketing Methods and Marketing Aids in your SFI Affiliate Dashboard.


Use - Fiverr is a great place to find people who are selling gigs to help promote and advertise any business. Find many gigs that offer banner advertising, text advertising, billboard advertising, and other innovative gigs to help promote and recruit for your SFI business.


Forum Marketing - Participate in forums that you like and is relevant to your businesses. Leave good helpful information for others, answer peoples questions and build trust and friends on these forums. Once people start appreciating your help and trust your knowledge, they will want to do business with you. You should also add your website URL and a nice tag-line to your forum post signatures where available.


Use ProjectWonderful and buy bannners on other peoples websites. You can select from thousands of websites to advertise your text or banners on.


Advertise on PTC – Paid To Clicks – Sites: These sites are viewed and used by business opportunity seekers from around the world. The are out there to make money and find new ways to make money. Advertise to the people on this site by buying banner ads, clicks ads or text ads. Here are some sites that are recommended – NeoBux, NerdBux, NaidBux, NorthClicks. There are many many more PTC sites and you can search and advertise on the ones you like.


Post Free Classified Advertisements on This is a great site to advertise any business or list any items to sell. I love to post TripleClicks products ad on the site withmy affiliate links on them - here is an example -


Use CraigsList - You can post business opportunity ads or even product ads (links to a TC products) and attract targeted customers. You can even search other peoples Wanted ads and then find a corresponding product on TripleClicks to present them.


Use BuySellAds - select the websites you want to advertise on and add your banners to the sites. This service allows you to advertise on power sites that get visitors that may be interested in a great business opportunity, penny auctions, Eager Zebra games and shopping at You can and should also advertise the ECA program.
Also add your SFI banners on and other banner exchange networks. Do a Google search for a list of good banner exchange sites.


Send Solo Ads – solo ads are services that will send your email advertisements to other peoples opt-in list. I use Herculist. Blast Your SFI advertisements to 8.9 Million opt-in members here AdZoo Blaster.


Use Pinterest – add TC products on Pinterest with your affiliate links


Add your Gateway links to your email signature. Everytime you send out an email, the signature will include your business link and may get clicks and activities from the email recipient

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