As an SFI affiliate, one of the best ways to earn big monthly passive income is to have a big and active team under you. Ideally, you want to have a a minimum of 5 to 10 active team leaders directly under you (PSA) that work hard to build their own strong organization.

Your PSAs benefit you through direct commissions from products they buy on and through Executive Income Pool through qualifying PSAs and affiliates down 12 levels.

I get lots of emails from my team members asking me for the best ways to recruit new PSAs that will become active in their business.

I can show you the best ways to recruit PSAs but to get them active and build a strong SFI business will mostly depend on your motivating and training them personally.

Please get your affiliate links ready and refer to your SFI Marketing Methods and Marketing Aids to get started.

Below are some great ways to recruit PSAs to your SFI team:


Advertise in Local ClassifiedsLots of people read newspapers and the classified sections looking for business opportunities and job placements. Your SFI text and image ads can prove to be very attractive in getting new business and PSA leads. You can provide information for interested people to contact you directly, send them to an autoresponder system or even directly to the SFI site with your affiliate link.


Advertise OnlineThere are lots of places you can advertise your SFI recruitment text-links and banners. There are literally million of websites and apps you can advertise on to help you get new PSAs. From online classified sites such as USFreeAds and Craigslist to advertising services sites such as BuySellAds, ProjectWonderful, FaceBook and Google Adwords. Get creative with your advertising. Do a search online and you will find infinite places where you can advertise your SFI opportunity.


Personal Face-to-Face RecruitmentThere is no better way to get good quality PSAs (members that will generally more attentive to what you have to present and more active in their efforts) than through direct - face-to-face presentation and recruitment. Ideally you should present your SFI business opportunity to your family, friends, colleagues and anyone else you can think of, in person. This allows you to present a great opportunity your prospects may not know about, they will give attention and focus to your personal presentation and will most likely signup under you. You will then also be able to learn more about their needs, their business strengths and more to personally provide guidance and help to grow their SFI business. You will get the best quality PSAs through direct interaction and guidance.


Buy PSAs Directly from SFIYou can buy PSAs directly from SFI through their PSAs To Go offers. You can also have them advertise for you through their S-Builder Co-Op.


Buy PSAs from Reputable Sellers on TripleClicksThere are several merchants on Tripleclicks that are experts at recruiting PSAs through global advertising campaigns. You can buy one of their services and have them recruit PSAs for you. A quick search on TripleClicks gave me this interesting result - 500 PSAs Guaranteed


Win PSAs through PriceBender AuctionsSFI PriceBender Auctions feature several PSA auctions daily where you can bid and win on PSA packs. They also offer CSA packs.


Buy Advertising From TripleClicks ECAsYou know it is good business to shop at - its is your own store and you earn valuable VersaPoints and MRPs. You also support the ECA merchants doing business in your store. There are several ECAs offering good advertising services to help promote your SFI and other businesses. A quick search gave me these 2 interesting rsults - 15,000 Targeted Gateway Adverisement and 10,000 Worldwide Banner Advertising


Refer your Recruited ECA Merchants to the SFI Affiliate ProgramContact your recruited ECA merchants and convince them of the loss opportunity of not being an SFI affiliate too. Your ECA merchants already know how TripleClicks work and they can potentially earn even more income by also becoming an SFI affiliate.

Another section you should pay lots of attention to is the the SFI Sponsor Training Center =>

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