A New Way to Generate Revenue with Branded T-Shirts

This could be one of the best business opportunity for T-shirt designers and sellers.

Amazon has just created a new app that allows you to use their system to create t-shirts – print on demand – and then list those tshirts for sale directly on Amazon and profit from worldwide sales.

There is absolutely no cost to create and sell those tshirts on Amazon and your tshirts can also be added to Android, Amazon and IOS apps to generate more sales through in-app purchases.

Here is a quick list of benefits on Selling T-shirts on Amazon:

  • Absolutely FREE to get started
  • Get paid if you sell 1 or 1,000 Tshirts
  • Your Tshirts are added to Amazon directly and displayed for sale to all Amazon shoppers
  • Your Tshirts are available on sale continuously. No campaign limits, time limits – nothing like that. Increases your sales possibilities.
  • No need for extra advertisements. Use the power of Amazon and millions of shoppers to generate sales for you.
  • Create and Sell as many Tshirts as you want
  • Create a steady income online


Get in the ground floor now and learn about the New T-Shirt Revolution:

  1. How to signup and use this new Amazon service
  2. How to create your first t-shirt with ease
  3. How to customize your Amazon sales page
  4. 5 techniques to advertise your t-shirts (4 free and 1 paid)
  5. 6 steps to guide you forward
  6. And much much more.

Click here to learn more and start creating and selling your tshirts on Amazon


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