I joined GearBubble.com a few weeks ago to test the system and had created 2 design campaigns for tshirts and necklaces. I have sold 7 items so far simply by posting the links to my Facebook timeline. I have profited $59 simply by recycling designs I already had on Zazzle.com

However, through their Facebook Page, I have noticed that several people have sold several  hundred items – meaning that GearBubble is in full swing and helping many people profit online.

If you don’t already know, GearBubble.com is a free to join platform that allows you to design tshirts, mugs, necklaces and other items and then promote these products for sale on social websites such as Facebook, Twitter, G+ and so on.

You set the price and time you want to sell the products for, you promote the product page, your customers buy the product, GearBubble prints and ships the product to your clients and then sends you your profits. It’s simple as that.

The beauty of this system is that they train you on how to promote your product pages to get targeted visitors and generate sales for your designs. The Facebook Ads training has literally already helped hundred of new marketers to successfully generate high ROIs on the Facebook ads and generating big sales for their GearBubble products.

Another very powerful tool you can benefit from is the community of GearBubblers on Facebook. Hundreds of members are sharing their design tips, sales experiences and tips – stuff you can and should learn from to help with sales of our own design and products.

My recommendation is for everyone to join the site and start designing and promoting our products. You can promote your designs yourself or follow the training and do Facebook ads. However you do it, I believe you can benefit from the site in both monetary and knowledge aspects.

And if you already have designs and products on other platforms – there is absolutely no reason why you can’t use the same designs on GearBubble products.

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