I have been an affiliate marketer since 1999. Yes, since the early days. I have seen many ups and downs in this business – things come and go, new trends turning old, big launches turning sour, many big promises never came to pass. That is the nature of this business – and it has been taught and conditioned for most people like you to run after the latest shiny object that promises big and quick path to riches.

There rarely are any quick and easy part to riches. Even the guys making millions of dollars selling their best products online did slave to build the product, build trust, make joint-venture partners and so on. Everybody works hard and smart and some make it look easy – but there is always true work, creativity and solid proven business model and practice behind every big success. That is the simple and honest truth.

Here are some time-tested proven steps you need to follow to be a successful affiliate marketer:

  • Set Realistic and Achievable Goals – you need to set goals and track the process and results of your work. Only when you have a goal to strive for, will your work plan and activities be correctly focused to help you achieve your goals.
  • Work with Trusted and Reputable Programs and Products – when you work with trusted and reputable merchants you can be assured that you will get rewarded for your work, get the help and support you need and also be promoting quality products that your customers will appreciate.
  • Work Hard and Be Consistent – there is no easy money in any business. You need to work hard and smart and be consistent with your marketing efforts.
  • Stop Opportunity Hopping – running after the next big thing or another shining object will get you nowhere fast in this business, Stick with a good solid program and work it properly till you reach your target for that program and then move on to the next solid program.
  • Offer Your Best – Quality Reviews, Product Suggestions, Be Honest, Be Yourself – your reputation matters. What ever you are doing always be honest, sincere and offer your best work. Tell it as it is – your customers will appreciate you for it.
  • Be Passionate about What you are trying to do and Sell – only when you are passionate can you give your best work and always be motivated to work – because you will love what you do. Your customers will see that and appreciate your work even more.
  • Build a Solid Reputation and Following – your work can get easier and you will make more money when people start trusting you and look up to you for advice. You can only do that when you are passionate and give your best. Build your email list and following on social networks.
  • Learn from and Partner with Similar Successful, Reputable and Helpful People – you can always benefit more from learning from experts and partnering with others to help sell your products and theirs. Leverage each others assets.

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