So you are looking for good and effective ways to promote affiliate products to earn commissions. There certainly are hundred of ways and things you should do to facilitate the most sale you can for the products you are promoting to earn the most commissions you can but the most effective methods are usually self taught and realized. Only by working everyday, trying new methods and testing will you find the sweet method that works best for you to generate the most response and sales to the products you are selling.

Keeping that in mind, here are some affiliate promotion methods that may work for you:

  • Advertise on online and offline classified sections – There are thousands of online classified sections where you can post your affiliate product ads and features for free. People love to read the classifieds and always feel that they are getting a better deal when they go through the classifieds. The two online sites I find to be the most effective are USFreeAds and CraigsList. You can post links directly on USFreeAds but you can ask the interested parties to email you via CraigsList and you can then send them an email with more info and your affiliate link. Don’t underestimate the power of newspaper classifieds as people still read those and you can direct the readers with a link to your affiliate product.
  • Email Promotion – Email your list subscribers letting them know about the great affiliate product and how it can help solve their problem and why they really need to get it right away. Don’t SPAM. Only send emails to people whom have opted to receive emails from you. You can also use Solo Ad services to have others email your your affiliate ads to their big lists.
  • Email to Pre-approved prospect list – You can also buy solid leads and market to these people legally and ethically. I personally use the service of MyLeadCompany to get thousands of leads for all of my businesses and must admit that these prospects make me lots of profits in every business I get involved in.
  • Use RefBan – Use banners to advertise your products on RefBan – these ads are shown on thousands of websites and is very cost effective.
  • Use Project WonderfulProject Wonderful is an advertising network that will help place your ads on thousands of websites at the lowest price point. You can select which sites you want your ads to be on and what you would like to pay. You can get great exposure for any product or service.
  • Use Twitter – If you have lots of followers on Twitter then make sure you tweet and let them know abut the cool product you are promoting. You can also use the service of SponsoredTweets to get your Tweets to tens of thousands of more people.
  • Blog and Write Articles – You can blog about the product you are trying to sell – tell the readers why you recommend the product, the features, why you use it, why they should use it, how it can help them and so on. Write multiple articles and post them on your blog, submit them to article directories and web 2.0 sites like Squidoo, HubPages, Wizzley, ZuJava and others.
  • Promote on Targeted Forums – If you participate in forum websites that is of the same niche as the products you are selling, it may be a good idea to make a forum post and let your forum friends know about the great features of your product. You can also add a link to your forum signature.
  • Advertise on PPC websites – Use Google Adwords, MSN AdCenter and other sites to advertise your products. You will need to select the right keywords and cost-per-click to get the biggest bang for your spending. Make sure you follow any keyword or link terms set by the product owner.
  • Leverage Google+ – Share your affiliate links with people in your circles. Find Business Pages that are on similar topics and post a link there.
  • Share on FaceBook – Share your links in your timeline so your friends and contacts can see it. Find similar Business Pages and share your links there too. You can also choose to do paid advertisement via Facebook Ads.
  • Promote via Gigs – Use Fiverr Gigs to get your affiliate links out there. Buy banner ads or social media announcement gigs and get the most exposure for your affiliate products.
  • Broadcast on YouTube – Making video slideshows using Powerpoint or screen capture software is actually very simple and you can now create videos featuring the highlights, uses and importance of your products in a flash and upload it to YouTube. You will get tons of viewers for the video who will see and also click the links you have on your videos and description and visit your affiliate product page.

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