CSA (Co-Sponsor Affiliate) are great assets to the serious SFI business affiliate.

You get direct commissions of 15% of CV for every product they buy on TripleClicks.com and you also earn from all your CSA EA2s through the Executive Income Pool.

Here are some ways you can get more CSAs to help you generate more income with SFI:


Achieve Team Leader RankYou get a share of second-home CSAs when you achieve the rank of Team Leader.
You get 1 share if you are a BTL, 2 shares for STL, 3 shares for GTL, 4 shares for PTL and 5 shares for DTL.
The number of CSAs per share varies from month to month.


Become an EAYou get rewarded with 2 new CSAs every month when you achieve the rank of EA (Executive Affiliate)


Win CSAs through PriceBender AuctionsSFI PriceBender Auctions feature several CSA auctions daily where you can bid and win on CSA packs. They also offer PSA packs.


Play the Daily GrandYou can win CSAs playing the Daily Grand. Just click on the "Win It" tab daily to participate.


Win CSAs Playing Eager Zebra GamesYou can win CSAs by playing Eager Zebra Games. I have been awarded a few CSAs playing the Card King game.

CSAs are an integral part of your SFI business and can add the bulk of profits to your monthly paycheck. You should train and support your CSAs just like you would your PSAs.

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