This page lists several marketing tips you should know about and use to help you better promote affiliate products and your own websites to get more targeted traffic, generate more sales and resulting in more profits.

Advertise on Online Classifieds – There are thousands of online classified advertisement sites where you can post advertisements about your products and services. Many of these websites get good traffic and your message will be seen by interested people. My favorite site is because I get great response on my ads. You can learn more about placing online classified ads here. Another extremely popular site is CraigsList and you can get interested prospects from your ads on the site and funnel them to see your products and services on your own website.

Ping Your Website – Pinging your website tells the search engines, directories and other news sites that your website has been updated and that they should consider adding your website links to their websites. Try or

Submit a Press Release – Submitting a press release is another powerful way to create buzz, backlinks and traffic to your website. A good press release will send your website news and info to the major news and directories professionally and this information can show up in leading news sites online and create a buzz and exposure for your website,

Email Marketing – Keep on contact with your customers and prospects. You should actively be building your email lists with potential clients so that you can email them with new promotions, new products and so on to make more sales of your products and services.

 Forum Marketing – Participate in forums that you like and is relevant to your businesses. Leave good helpful information for others, answer peoples questions and build trust and friends on these forums. Once people start appreciating your help and trust your knowledge, they will want to do business with you.

Yahoo Answers – Yahoo Answers is a great place to provide good information about your expertise and business area. You can help answer questions related to your field and provide a link for them to visit your website to get more information to their questions.

Leverage eBay  and other Auction Sites – eBay is a fantastic place to target potential new customers and introduce them to your business offerings. Sell your products and services for a great price on eBay and make new customers. Once they have bought an item from you, you can send them emails and direct them to your main website. If they are happy with your service, they will also most likely recommend you to others. Also on the eBay About Me page, add your website information for people to learn more about you and products.

Leverage – is the world’s busiest shopping site with several million visitors daily. You should really consider leveraging this platform and it’s traffic in several ways. Firstly, you can list your items for sale on Amazon. This way your products will be visible on Amazon and potentially reach millions of buyers.Click here to learn more on how to sell your products on Amazon.

Amazon also now allows you to place product advertisements on their website. This can also leverage their traffic to your website.

Advertise on FaceBook – Create Facebook ads to target your potential customers. Facebook Ads are a great way to reach millions of targeted customers quickly. You can set your own advertising budget and track the responses and keep tweaking your ads for best results.

Advertise on PPC Search Engines – Use Google Adwords (pay-per-click advertising), BING  and other PPC sites to advertise your websites or affiliate websites. Your ads could be displayed on millions of websites.

Write Articles for Traffic and Authority – Write lots of informative articles about your business and related products and services. Publish them on article directories. Readers will consider you an expert in your business field. Provide links to your website in your articles and Author information area and your readers will click them to learn more about your business and services. Your articles may also be republished and syndicated to many other websites and bring lots of traffic and backlinks to your website.

Use Social Bookmarking Websites – Social bookmarking websites are another great way to generate buzz, share your website and get backlinks. Add your website information and good description to several bookmarking websites and you can attract visitors, associates and friends from these communities to your website.

Use Pinterest – Pin some amazing pictures that you have on your websites onto Pinterest. Pinterest members will view these pictures and click on your links to view your website and products.

Leverage TripleClicks – Leverage by listing your products and services for sale for free. is a megamall where you can list all your products for sale for free and have an instant army of affiliates to help promote the sale of your products. Once you have made new customers through TripleClicks, you can email them new offers and promotions and direct these customers directly to your own website. So you can sell more of your products and also make future direct sales through your own websites. Learn more on how to sell at TripleClicks here.

Bulletin Board Advertising – Print out a nice and informative paper ad about your products and services and post these ads on bulletin boards in your local markets, schools, universities and community centers. People viewing these ads will visit your website to learn more about your product offerings.

Buy Banner Advertising – Buy banner ads on other websites. You can contact websites are related to your business and offer them some money for hosting and posting your banner ads on their sites. This way you are leveraging the visitors to these websites to come look at your website offerings. You can also use advertising brokering websites such as and others to find prospective websites to advertise on. One of my favorite sites to find cheap and targeted banner advertising is Project Wonderful.

Buy Text Advertising – Buy test ads on related websites to leverage the visitors on these websites to visit your websites. You can contact the webmasters of other websites yourself and make them an offer or use a text link buying service website to help you.

Get Your Website Reviewed – Ask other webmasters to review your website and post an article on their blog or websites. These reviews can be about your business or particular products you have for sale. Some people will do this without charge while others will charge you for this service. You can also use online services such as to find sites to review your products for a fee. You will get extra buzz, backlinks and also traffic from the websites that has reviewed your product and company.

Recruit Affiliates – Start an affiliate program for your e-commerce website and leverage other peoples efforts and websites to help sell your products and services. You pay a percentage of sales generated to the people who help you make your product sales. Your affiliates will post your ads and product reviews on their own websites and other places and send your websites with lots of targeted visitors with the intent of generating sales for you and a referral fee for themselves..

Distribute Free Merchandise – Print your website address and logo on mugs, tshirts, mousepads, pens and other merchandise and give them away for free. When these people use your products or give them away to someone else, they will always see your advertisement and website on these items and will think about your company and brand and will visit your website often.

Create and Distribute Free eBooks – Write an informative ebook about your business, related products and services, something useful and distribute your ebooks for free. Allow anyone to freely download and share your ebook. Place your website links in these ebooks where the readers can click to get more information and purchase products from your website.

Submit Your Website Links and Details to Online Directories – Have your website information listed on online directories such as your local business directory, your industry specific directory and so on. There are hundreds of online directories where you can have your business listed an featured on.

Create a Page on Wizzley Squidoo | ZuJava | HubPages etc. – These are very popular content publishing sites that have large communities and get lots of search engine traffic. Write about your business, products and services on these sites and attract search engine and community visitors.

Blog Marketing – Start a blog. Infact star several blogs in different places and platforms and provide good information about your products and services. Give links back to your main site and have people subscribe to your blog. Post product reviews, news, events about your product offerings and business industry and position yourself as an expert.

Using E-zine Co-op Mailing – Use ezine marketing to get your advertisement across to thousands of subscribers. You pay a small fee to email list managers and they will send out your advertisement to all their subscribers. I use eZineKing for this.

Use – Post your links on Redgage and share your website with the community. Also get backlinks and exposure to your website.

Get LinkedIn – Join LinkedIn and add your personal and business profile. Add your website links and information. Participate in the community and link with your friends and contact. LinkedIn has a very big professional community and if you have friends, this can result in you and your business getting referred to lots of new customers.

Mobile Messaging– Use mobile messaging system to attract old and new customers. Send out special discounts, news and privileges directly to your existing customers asking them to check out your website for more information. Use SMS advertising services to send your advertising to potential new customers. People may or may not open their emails but the will always check their SMS messages immediately – so you can be assured your message is getting across and getting read.

Create a Mobile App – Create a mobile app related to your business and niche and give it away for free on the iPhone, Android, Windows and BlackBerry App websites. Lots of people will download your free app where you can have dynamics ads of your products and services displayed inside. You can also send free instant messages to all the people who have downloaded your app.

Get Interviewed – Ask another website or blog to interview you. The interview can be about your business, products or services. They will place this interview on their sites with links back to your own website. This will create a buzz and exposure for you. You will also be viewed as an expert in your business area. The interviewer will also get great content to post on their website.

Website Commenting – Visit many websites related to your business and leave legitimate comments, answers and suggestions on their blogs, forums and websites. Most of these sites will allow you to add your name and website URL in the comment section which will be seen by other readers. If your answers are helpful and legitimate, other reader may click on your links and visit your website. Just a reminder, please don’t SPAM.

Syndicate your Content Using RSS Feeds – Create a RSS feed of your website content, products and pages and submit them to RSS feed directories. Other people may subscribe to your feeds and read your updates. Also other websites may syndicate your RSS feed and post it on their website for content and give your website exposure to their readers

Use Images to Get Traffic – Use good quality and legal images on your website. Then submit these images to image sharing sites and provide links back to the source – your website. Also make sure Google and other search engines properly scan and index your images to include it in their image search results. Your images can then help get lots of visitors back to your websites.

Create Facebook Pages – Millions of people use Facebook on a daily basis and you can target them and and keep your existing customers updates with the latest news and promotions through Business/Fan pages on Facebook. Provide news and get them to visit your website for more information.

Use Twitter and G+ – Tweet about your latest product offerings, promotions and events. You can also buy Sponsored Tweets and have your ads tweeted to thousands of people. Ask customers and website visitors to join your Twitter and G+ feed for the latest promotional updates.

Participate in Group Buying and Deal Websites – Get great advertising and new customers by offering your products and services at great discounts through sites like Groupon, Living Social and countless other deal websites. These websites will help you get lots of new customers quickly that you can further market and direct to your own websites.

Add your Promotions and Discounts on Coupon Websites – People love to get a good bargain and millions of people use coupon websites to find codes to get discounts at their favorite shopping sites. You can leverage this by creating your own discount coupon and submitting them to sites like and This will expose your website and product offerings to new markets and buyers and generate more traffic and sales for you.

Participate in Online and Offline Contests – Make a name for yourself and get massive exposure to your brand and websites by competing/participating in contests. There are constantly interesting contests going both online and offline and you should compete and do your best in these. The winners and top runner-ups will always get recognition by the contest holders, will have their name, picture and website information showcased and displayed to all members and participants. If you do well in these contests, people will look favorably at you and your talents and will want to do business with you.

Broadcast on YouTube – Leverage the millions of traffic gets daily to bring visitors to your website. Create fun, informative or promotional videos and broadcast them on YouTube and other video sharing websites. Add your website information in your videos and descriptions and expose your website to your video viewers. Tell these viewers to get more information on your website.

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