PreSell PagesIf you have been doing online marketing for some time, you will already know the importance of creating pre-sell pages to warm your customer up towards the offer you are promoting. We see it everywhere. Here are some ides of pre-sale pages you may have seen:

  • => Simple squeeze page highlighting benefits of the product with an optin form
  • => Video promotion squeeze page and with optin or links direct to product
  • => Squeeze page with short report to download
  • => Bribe aka Dedicated Bonus pages where you learn the benefits and features of the affiliate offer and are presented with lots of bonuses from the affiliate if you buy the product from their link
  • => The above are just some of the common squeeze or more correctly pre-sale pages you get to see everyday from hundred of affiliate marketers.
  • => Even an affiliate email is a form of a presell page.

Basically anything presented to you to warm you up, get you excited, bribe or beg you before a sale is a presell.

The theory behind creating pre-sale pages is sound. Affiliates who do this, consistently generate much more sales than affiliates who don’t.

If you are not creating presell pages you are not really marketing efficiently and are possibly missing out on lots of potential commissions.

If you are already creating presell pages then you already know the time and effort it takes to create these pages, It can be very time consuming, tiring and frustrating creating presell pages after pages to promote the different product launching everyday.

I am going to help you save time and frustration by introducing you to this new software – PreSoldPro WP Plugin. This amazing plugin will help you create effective pre-sale page in under 30 seconds.

Here are just some of the features of PreSoldPro plugin that you will benefit from:

  • => Instantly “HIJACK” Any Page On The Web You Want And Place YOUR AFFILIATE LINKS On It – Think Authority Sites, News Sites etc.
  • => Redirect visitors automatically to YOUR AFFILIATE LINK
  • => SKIP over all the page creation process and just skip over to getting RESULTS
  • => INSTANTLY add an attention grabbing and action taking bar for your visitors (no coding required)
  • => 1 Click to install and compatible with the latest version of WordPress
  • => Extremely Newbie Friendly – EASY to use point and click system (no learning curve, start using in 30 seconds)
  • => Simple 20 second install that ANYONE can do. (FULL VIDEO TUTORIAL INCLUDED)
  • => Skip YEARS of frustration trying to create pages and quickly implement so you can see results TONIGHT
  • => And much MUCH more…

Think about it – You Can Even Make Commissions From Other Peoples Pre-Sell Pages.

I bought this plugin today. Installation was easy and took under a minute. I am going to start using it heavily as I truly see the benefits of creating fast affiliate campaigns and leveraging other peoples authority and sites. I am confident this plugin will put much more affiliate commissions in my pocket.

I highly recommend you check out the sales page and watch the demo video to learn more about the plugin and start using it too. It will surely make your business easier and put more money in your pocket. Click here now to find out more about PreSoldPro WordPress Plugin.